Everything you should know about Cat Allergies and how to prevent it


What Is Cat Allergies?

To begin with, cat allergies are basically the overreaction of the immune system. For those who do not know, just as human, cat body contains a large number of antibody cells which are responsible for protecting the body by attacking viruses and foreign factors such as bacteria. In some cases, these cells overact against trivial factors such as pollen and dust. This overreaction called allergies.

Just like human beings, cats are susceptible to allergies. A cat’s owners and a cat can have allergies as well, but they have different symptoms. While the owner may experience symptoms such as sneezes, itchy skin, and watery eyes, in cats, they only develop skin disorders.

Flea Allergy 


Common symptoms: itchy skin, losing hair, scabby skin along the back and tail areas

A flea allergy is, by far, the most popular type of allergies amongst cats. Some cats that have a sensitive immune system may react against a protein in flea saliva and cause skin disorders. A bite from a flea can make the whole skin surface of the cat itchy. This allergy mostly occurs in flea season.

Flea: A culprit of cat’s allergy

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Some common signs to realize this skin disorder is red bumps on the back, head, and tail of the cat. There may be scabs under the fur, but you can feel it when you stroke the cat. Lice, mange and ear mites may leave similar symptoms on the cat body.


If unfortunately, your cat has a flea allergy, then the treatment, in this case, is usually spot-on, which means it only cure parts of the body that are itchy. But now some oral products may be more useful than we have ever known.

Steroids and antihistamines are pretty effective in helping your cats getting rid of the bite. If there is a huge amount of infection on the body, perhaps these two drugs are not enough. Your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics for better treatment.


Until now, the most effective prevention for this type of allergy is to eliminate the allergen, which is to keep flea far away from your cat. There are a lot of products on the market that can protect your cat from these intruders. However, you should remember that all of them should frequently be used to make sure the flea are under control.

Although numerous products control flea, they only work in the short term period if you do not take serious methods. It is important to keep your house not infested. Fleas, sometimes, bite human too if human interferes with their host.

The key here is to conduct controlling method on a regular basis. If you take it just once or two, chances are fleas will come back and threaten your cats.

Inhalant allergy


Common symptoms: itchy all over the body

Inhalant allergy, also known as atopy, is the second most common name in the list of cat allergies. Pollen, fungi, mold, or dust mite are the main culprits that make cats break out in severe dermatitis. Overall, the symptoms of Inhalant allergy are similar to those of flea allergy, except the part that it is more serious. In this case, you should bring your cat to the veterinarian for certainty.

Inhalant allergy causes itches on the cat’s body

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The first step you should do to eliminate the allergen is to find out what causes the allergy. Blood tests may be useful, but sometimes it gives false results. Intradermal skin testing will help find out exactly which has led to the allergy. However, even when you have already found out what has caused the allergy, it is still a long journey to eliminate exposure.

By using ointment a couple of times per day onto the itchy areas, the immune system will work better. This way only has its effects if you treat it soon.

Vitamin supplement would be a great weapon to cure inflammatory effects. Your cat can take about 250 grams of vitamins C on a daily basis if he or she has an allergy. Be careful because too much vitamin can lead to diarrhea. You had better consult with veterinarians before giving your cat any supplement.


To effectively prevent inhalant allergy, controlling the living environment will be the top name in the list. Dirty and rough surfaces including carpeting would be an ideal place to collect particles. For that reason, when cleaning your house, it is crucial to pay more attention to those places. Using a vacuum with an effective filter system can be very helpful.

As easy as it sounds, it is not easy to eliminate all possible allergen out there. You should use some products that help promote healthy fur and skin of your cat. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are proved to reduce allergy. You should consult with your veterinarian for more choices.

Another method to prevent inhalant allergy is immunotherapy. Basically, your cat will be given a certain amount of the allergens to the point he or she becomes sensitive. Gradually, your cat’s immune system will be stronger and hence, reduce sensitivity.

Immunotherapy takes a very long time to work. In some cases, it takes almost one year of continuously injecting as the cat cannot take too much allergen at once.

Final Thoughts

Allergens are everywhere. Treatment of allergies is time-consuming, expensive and sometimes ineffective as the cat may be exposed to allergens on a regular basis. What you should do to prevent is to keep your house clean and out of possible allergy culprits such as fleas.

Another thing to prevent allergy is to provide a healthy lifestyle for your cat. Make sure that he or she is in perfect growth. Regular medical checking may also be a good way to detect allergy in its first stage.

If the allergy has occurred on your cat, the first thing you should do is to take him or her for further medical help. Then find out what has caused the allergy and get rid of it. It may take a few weeks for the cat to recover from the allergy completely.

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