French Bulldog – A Smart and Mischievous Dog


Like some other types of dog, the French Bull dog also remains unforgettable memes with human at least at the first time of seeing. This kind of dog is so cute, small-sized and funny to be bred in many cities. They have been one of the world’s most popular dog breeds for a long time. And, now let’s discover many interesting facts of this funny type of dog.

French Bulldog
French Bulldog

General information about French Bull dog

  • Name: French Bulldog (Nickname: Frenchie)
  • Dog Breed Group: Companion dogs
  • Size: Small dog breeds
  • Height: Ranges from eleven inches to one foot (measured from the shoulder).
  • Weight: Ranges from 16 to 28 pounds
  • Lifespan: from 11 to 14 years


Maybe so many of us are impressed by the cute appearance of the French Bull Dog. This kind of dog is also called by an affectionate name which is Frenchie. They are the result of collaboration between bulldog ancestors from England, France and the USA.

Frenchies were very popular in the nineteenth century in England, and when lace-makers emigrated to Nothern France during the Industrial Revolution, many took the little dogs with them. The breed was loved by the French, and their copious cross-breeding resulted in the distinctive French Bulldog (or Bouledogue Francais). It wasn’t long before the Americans visiting France took an interest. They brought the French Bull dog to the USA and displayed their dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club show for the first time there in 1896. Then, the America quickly called them with the nickname “Frenchie” and decided to breed the dog with the upright bat ears for which the breed is now famous.

To know further about Frenchie, let’s move onto the next part.

Dog Breed characteristics

Frenchie is easily recognized with bat ears and a short muzzle. Although they have medium or small size, they are very active, strong with heavy bone and well-built and muscular body structure. They have odd beauty with very large bat-ears and big round eyes and wrinkles formed on their coat, especially on heads and shoulders due to soft and loose skin. Their most common colours are brindle, fawn and white because of genetic health differences which link to various indicators of health, hair or skin in each Frenchie dog.

With compact shape, their hind legs seem to be stronger, longer and more muscular than the forelegs, which results in firm and fast movements and actions. And they like spending time playing with their owner, which can cost them much energy and produces so much sweat that many people should take them have a bath regularly.

To make you easier to compare their features with other types of dogs, the scale of 10 shall be used to score each outstanding feature of this dog from this following part.

Protection ability

Frenchies  are not known for their ability to protect. They make excellent companions and are friendly to almost everybody they meet, but this unfortunately his trusting nature means that they are not good guard dogs or watch dogs.

That is why I would rate its protection ability 1 out of 10.

Ease of training

French bulldogs are intelligent, but they are stubborn and has a short attention span. The sole things for us to train them are keeping patience, kindness and have short practice with them. Teach them from simple and daily orders. Keep in mind the following tips to get your Bulldog easily trained:

  • Use short and effective lessons: 3 to 5 minute lessons with frequency of 3 to 5 times per day
  • Use command of “No” or “Stop”
  • Teach basic actions to them like: sitting, standing up, staying, keeping something and so on
  • Use supporting tools like balls, stripes, and so on
  • Remember to praise them with some prizes such as chewing candies or other favourite foods

However, before using the aforesaid tips, making a close friend with and getting them socialized with surrounding environment are the initial and very important steps.

In this section, the score would be 5 out of 10


Truly a companion dog, the Frenchie craves attention and will often play the clown to amuse its owner. This breed is a fantastic pet for the elderly, as it is endlessly playful does not so much energy that it becomes unmanageable. Get them involved in daily activities like walking, running in a short distance or even around your apartments are the best way for them to exhaust energy. Otherwise they also like relaxing the whole day on sofa.

Fun fact: Do you know that a French Bulldog is a good companion with children? Because they are intelligent, peaceful and friendly, many people actually let them sleep with and play with their children in many circumstances.

So, I will give the 6 out of 10 as the score for this feature.

Exercise needs

French Bulldogs require just fifteen minutes of exercise each day. They can get this exercise either in the form of walks or simply by playing with their owners. It can be dangerous to exercise them in the hotter months as they are susceptible to heatstroke.

2 out of 10 is the score for this section


Provided that they are kept inside and given enough attention, Frenchie is easily satisfied. They are suitable for apartment living and are not over sensitive to loud noises or changes in their environment. They don’t do well extremely hot or cold climates. But this can be dealt with by ensuring they have adequate shelter.

This part should be given with the score of 7/10

It is an amazing fact that Bulldogs can devote themselves completely playing with your cute little babies, so if you are young parents who live in apartments and want to breed a dog, a small Bulldog can be a good choice. Even they can be a fashion model for ladies to express their creativeness by putting them on various clothes. Hope that the above information can help you acknowledge about this type of dog and treat your companion well by having funs together.

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