Whippet Analyzed And Behaviors Explained


Rated as one of the fastest hounds (top speed: 35 miles/h), Whippet was once the best companion for a hunting trip. Nowadays, they are well-known for the loving and sensitive behavior, making them faithful friends for families with kids. If you are keen on training and dog show, you can trust a Whippet to gain high prizes, given that they are responsive and obedient.

Whippet Analyzed And Behaviors Explained
Whippet Analyzed And Behaviors Explained

General Information on the Breed

Name: Whippet

Breed Group: Hound dogs

Size Category: Medium

Height: 19in ~ 22in at the shoulder for males, 18in ~ 21in for females

Weight: about 34lb for males, 29lb for females

Life Expectancy: 12 ~ 15 years.

A quick look at the history

Originated from England, the breed has been used in hunting since the 18th century, first by the upper class as a great alternative to the Greyhound. In fact, both breeds have many shared characteristics: they are fast, intelligent, loyal, and affectionate.

Whippet is well-known for being lean, muscular little speed machines. On such terrain as open fields, where tracking scent is not so essential, their amazing speed makes them the best candidate for catching small preys like hares. Their owners in the past also put them in “snap-dog” contests, in which the winner got to snap up as many rabbits as possible in the shortest time. They earned the title “poor man’s racehorse” in those matches.

Noticeable Features

A. Guarding Ability

One of the breed’s outstanding characteristic is affectionate, which means they are friendly and trusting even to strangers. A good guard dog shouldn’t have the qualities.

Rating: ★

B. Trainability

In general, Whippets are pretty intelligent and receptive to training. Owing to their preference for clean sleeping spots, it’s easy to let them get acquainted with a cage or crate. They are eager to please their owners, which make them highly obedient. Besides, you may consider clicker-training them, given that they are bestowed upon impressive sensitivity.

Whippets are easy to train they even starters can keep them under control and teach them basic commands. Imagine how your child will have a good time training and playing with this hound.

Rating: ★★★★

C. Playfulness

Whippets love to play, especially with their owners. Since they are affectionate and full of energy, they make great companions for families with children. They are happy to snuggle up to you, so don’t forget to pay much attention to the faithful friend. Spending time to take Whippets on walks is also a good way to encourage their playful behavior.

And, if you notice your Whippet chewing something he isn’t supposed to put in his mouth, it’s likely that he needs more attention.

Rating: ★★★★☆

D. Exercise Requirements

The breed don’t like digging and barking much. As a hound dog, Whippets love running. Owning this pup means you will have to spend time walking them. For each month of their age, Whippets need to walk for five minutes. For example, an eight-month dog should walk 40 minutes on daily basis. If you don’t have time to do so every day, you should let them out at least several time a week. However, don’t make them overexert since it will put too much pressure on their joints. Remember that their bodies are not built for arduous training sessions.

Sometimes, you should bring your hound to a lure course to let him run at top speed. It helps him maintain the pace and keep fit.

Rating: ★★★☆

E. Adaptability

Whippets get on well with kids and other dogs, but deep inside the loving creatures are the instincts of a hunter. They may have the urges to hurt smaller pets, namely birds, cats, squirrels, etc. They need to be around their owners and get anxious easily when they feel they are abandoned. Whippets dislike cold weather and have trouble getting used to temperature changes.

Though the Whippet’s spirit will be calmer as they grow, they tend to be out of control often as puppies. You need to keep an eye on them as if they are your own children. In a long run, good traits and behaviors learned from childhood will make them the best friends you could find.

Rating: ★★☆

The Verdict

A Whippet doesn’t make the best guardian, but they are a good companion. As splinters, they need to run to be healthy and happy. In order to have your faithful friend cheerful every day, pay attention to his exercising need and give him enough attention. Let him snuggle up to you at sunsets, and enjoy a morning walk at sunrises is the best way to enhance your bond and satisfy his requirements.

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